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Bringing innovation right at your feet with our exceptional range of Activated Carbon!

Bringing innovation right at your feet with our exceptional range of Activated Carbon!

About our company

With new inventions taking place with each passing day, thousands of new products are coming up in the market. Each of which is capable of providing a lot of convenience to users. We, at Ningxia Mingyang Activated Carbon Company have come up with a revolutionary array of activated carbon items for our the global markets. Earning a great deal of respect for our advanced production methods, we have earned the mantle of being a reliable Manufacturer and Exporter. Having a specialization in coconut shell activated carbon, nut shell activated carbon, coal activated carbon and Wood Granular Activated Carbon, these goods have been acknowledged for their powerful absorption properties. Working in this line since the year 2013, our organization holds its headquarters in Ningxiang, Hunan China. Along with being absolutely stable and reliable, our products are known to be non toxic which have a strong adsorption capacity coupled with high mechanical strength.

Ambit of Products

Working under strict professional supervision, these goods which are created have a perfect balance of iodine value, carbon tetrachloride, methylene blue, benzene adsorption,  PH value , ash etc. Thus assuring you of gaining a fantastic result each time.

  • Activated Carbon 1 And 2
  • Cast Iron Carbon Additive
  • Coal Activated Carbon
  • Coal Quality Powdered Activated Carbon
  • Coconut Shell Activated Carbon
  • Filter Material
  • Graphite Carbon Additive
  • Low Sulfur Carburant
  • Nut Shell Activated Carbon
  • Wood Granular Activated Carbon
  • Wood Powdered Activated Carbon
Activated Carbon

Focusing on creating a reliable environmental protection commodity, we have come up with an item which has been adopted by numerous companies under different business segments. Divided into macro porous activated carbon ( 1000), transition pore activated carbon (20-°) and micro porous activated carbon (20, such gods have a developed pore structure. Known for their ability to withstand high temperatures and pressure rates, allows them to act as carrier catalyst for a number of chemical reactions, thus easing out the work structure of numerous chemical factories.


The coconut shell activated carbon, nut shell activated carbon which we offer works on the basis of three basic principles. The first is the filtration rule, where in the activated carbon filter is suspended into the water medium which intercept pollutants. The second is the physical absorption principle, wherein the carbon absorbs at certain high temperatures and low pressures thus causing the Van Der Waals adsorption process. Lastly, the chemical absorption law, wherein a chemical bond is formed between molecules and pollutants causing active absorption.

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